All Utah riders, please support a Public Lands Access Rally on March 29, 2003 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Utah State Capital. It is time for us to be heard. It is time to speak up against the Red Rock Wildnerness Bill and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. It is time to speak up agains the the hundreds of miles of single track motorcycle trails that were not inlcuded in the recently released travel plan for the San Rafeal Swell. It is time to speak out agains the 1,000 of miles of trails that have been illegally closed. This rally is being sponsored by a student at Westminister College. Her professor wanted her to do a project with SUWA and she said no way and organized her own rally. It is time to speak out!

Can not make the rally, I will be out of town. Who do I need to call?

Hay allinson, i will be their to protect you from the SUWA b#tches. Just stay by me and you will be safe. :):D

Yo Allison. Don't live in Utah, but ride there alot. Can't be there for the rally either. Is there a web site, association, or an email address, where we can express our support ? I'm a member of Blue Ribbon, any action being taken by them? If not, I'm going to raise a stink.

I may be able to make it. However there is a chance I may not. Is there anything else I can do if I don't make it in person??............db

As far as a web site or telephone number there are none. This is a rally because people are fed up with all the crap the public managers and SUWA are putting us through. This is a rally to protest the injustices done to us. It is a rally to tell the public land managers that they must stop bending over every time SUWA asks for more wilderness. By the way, I just seen SUWAs latest and greatest and they are recommending a but load of new wilderness on the Swell in areas that are not even close to having wildreness characteristics. This rally is a way for us to speak out against the liberal left wing teachers and professors that are teaching our children and the future leaders of this country that motorized recreation is destroying the environment. We need bodies and press. Come and support our cause. Bring posters and lets be heard!

I'll be there!! It's great to see this here! I'm a Utahn and just joined TT since a bought a '98 WR400 on Friday!! :) .

I'm very involved in the 4x4 Scene and have been pushing for representation at this meeting on my Forum! From my knowledge, we'll have atleast 50 people there, hopefully more.

See you guys there!

I'll be there. I hate suwa.

Hey Wade- this is on the same day as Alan's poker ride.

Yes this is the same day as the SEUOHV Club poker ride that Alan is attending. If you can support the Rally.

I've been called in to work tomorrow. :)

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