running hot

i have a 2000 yz426f. It runs hot after a min or so of just idleing to warm it up. I still have the stock jets and carb settings. But my silencer isnt packed and is cut 3 1/2 inches shorter. My cooling system is fine , like water pump and radiators work great. So does anyone have any suggestions on a good main and piolt jet or all around carb settings? Already tried repacking the muffler and that didnt help at all. My bike ran hot even before i cut the muffler and im running 93 octane all the time.

Let's throw some punctuation in there so we can figure out what it is exactly that you want to know. Is there a question?

how is that haha

id say bump the pilot up a size or 2 and adjust ur fuel screw.

Its probably not the jetting, they all run hot when idling, header glows red then it will start to push coolant out the overflow tube within about a minute or two. If it overheats with riding, thats a different story.

yea, if the header is red while ridding or dumps coolant alot, then just go a lil bit richer.

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