Do the OEM steering bearings include the race?

I am replacing the upper and lower steering stem bearings on my 07 450 and am wondering if these are the part numbers I need and if the OEM part numbers include the races.

93332-00078-00 Upper bearing

4EW-23416-00-00 Upper cover

93332-00081-00 Lower bearing

Is this all I need?



They include the races

The 23416 upper cover is the seal above the bearing. You may or may not need to replace that. Otherwise, yes, you have everything you need listed except the grease. Use a high grade EP2 Marine Grease, preferably one that contains Moly.

Thanks, I do need the upper cover as it had a small tear in it. Also, when getting the lower bearing pressed on the stem (I'll have the local shop do it) I'm assuming it is best to have it packed with grease before they press it on?


It's easier to do it that way because you can use a bearing packer while the bearing is free. Otherwise, it doesn't matter much.

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