extra gas canister

im going to try a 60 mile loop on the wr450 and im worried about running out of gas because i like screaming the bike and does anyone know of any company that makes little gas canisters that can hold about a quart of gas or something small that fits on fenders so i dont run out of gas in the middle of mojave (its the california city to randsburg to cal. city loop)

also does any one have any jetting suggestions for riding at 10,000- 9,000 feet

thanks everyone,


I don't know of a container that you can use, but I do know that you can buy gas in Johanesburg now.


I would take an oil bottle and fill it with gas and strap it on top of your fender too pack. My moose pack has enough strap adjustment to allow for that. If you need more than the quart you may have to go to the gallon front that Baja Designs sells to mounts in place of your headlight ( but can't ride in the dark).

I know there are cannisters made for hikers to pack Coleman fuel on camping trips. I believe they were about a quart in size, and would be safe to haul in a fanny pack or backpack (or fender bag if it will fit). Might try out the local REI or hiking store.

Some people sacrifice their coolant overflow tank and put a little gas in there. No idea how much it holds though.

I use a 20oz pop bottle or water bottle.

You can try A-Loop Off Road. They have a website, but don't recall the URL. Do a search on A-Loop. They make (made?) a one gallon rear fender gas tank for the WR400 (had one) and the WR426 (had one). They may even make or plan to make one for the WR450. There was only upside to the tank. With the IMS saddle tank I hade a 4.6 gallon capacity, enough for 100 miles easy.

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