Who makes the best tire?

Looking for a great set of tires for eastern woods ridding. Front and rear. Mostly dirt, some tough rocks and mud once in a while. Price is not a factor, as I want the best hookup I can get. I do not want to change them often but I will take traction and performance over wear. Need front and rear. Anyone knows what the stock sizes are. Can I go a little wider on the rear?

I JUST researched this! :)

Up here in NH, we have LOT's and I mean LOT's of rock. You can go from rock, to hard pack, loam, sand, roots, mud. I don't think it can get any tougher than this to find a "Compromise" tire.

I had been using a 756 Dunlop, that is until I was forced to ride out a Turkey Run, 15 miles, with it flat. The tire carcass is trashed.

>> After searching previous posts, I came up w/ Michelin M12 (S12's CHUNCK) or Pirelli MT44.

One KTM guy I rode with, who OWNS his own Bike Accessory Shop, normally uses MT44's >> if that means anything. He DID comment he had tried 756's up here and no longer uses them.

I personally feel the STOCK 739 (NOT an "739 FAJ")front is useless, except for shredding and thrown into a (tire burner) electric power plant.

I have to strongly agree with Kevin concerning the Michelin tires. I have been through just about every brand of tire. I keep both my bikes race ready at all times, I have an 140/80 S-12 on my WR in the event I show up for a race and it's muddy and an 130/90 M-12 on my YZ if it's dry and dusty. I subsequently run M12 fronts on both bikes because they bite really hard in the corners and don't chunk under pressure. I have been extreamely satisfied with the wear of the Michelins.

Bonzai :)

All I can vouch for is the dunlop 756's. My yz hooks up just fine in dusty, sandy, hardpack. (Well Hard Pack keeps you active) But all around I am well please with the tire. The wear is a bit fast but I think it is a fine all around tire.

My next choice if money provides will be the Pirelli MT44

M12 front and S12 140/80 rear. I ride in the Rockies, so lots of rocks, hence the name the "Rockies" :)

when i used the M12 it worked great. We have similar conditions. My only problem is that after a couple of 60 mile rides the knobbies were already getting way low. I did not like how they wore. But they gave good traction. So now i use the Cheng Shin 755. it lasts just as long if not longer and gives me all the traction that i need at about a 1/3 the price. my 2 cents


I used to be a Die Hard D756 Fan, and would not even think of using another tire. It performed Great on the Hard and Medium stuff....I had problems with it in the wet stuff, especially wet clay....MXTuner used to just blast through areas that the rest of us with 756's were just slippin and slinin around in....

He convinced me to give an S12 a try and man what a difference....

If I was just riding in the hard pack with some sand mixed in I would probably still be using the 756's ....They do seriously hook up in the right conditions.

Bonzai :)


The majority of the time I ride, it is dusty hard pack, deep sand.

Hollister has alot of deep sand in the back acres. it is somewhat rocky and rutted badly.


how well did the 756 hold up for you in the mud

and how do you compare the s12's

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