WR 450 jetting with all the free mods

I just got my WR450 and I intend to do the (almost) free mods to include:

-GYT-R 96db baffle

-Open air box

-Grey wire

-YZ throttle stop

With all of these mods, I need to know what I should run jetting at. I am at about 3000' altitude.

I noticed that most people like 160 MJ and 48 PJ. I just thought it was odd that I got several jets with my new WR and most of them were leaner jets than stock. The biggest main jet I got was a 155.



I am at 2700ft and I have found the 155main, 48 pilot, #5 position on the stock needle and 1 1/2 turns out on the pas to work best for me. This jetting is without the GYT-R insert installed.


Do you think that would change with the GYT-R insert?


Yes, it does change. You have to go a bit leaner with the insert in. I haven't had an opportunity to dial-in the jetting with the insert installed but when I ran it with my current jetting it was a bit on the rich side. Several guys have rejetted with the insert and they absolutely love it. I will work on it in a few weeks once I get some riding in with the new auto-clutch :):D

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