major carb disassembly question

Anyone of you ever separate the top half from bottom half of the carb?

There are 4 allen head bolts, with locktite, holding the two pieces together.

I believe it is Yamabond (the stuff to put between your case halves upon re-assembly) acting as a gasket between the two carb halves.

Why in the world, you should ask, would I want to do such a thing...???

Three reasons:

1 - I would like to rotate the brass fuel inlet 90 degrees to allow my oversize ACERBIS tank to draw off the entire tank >> Right now, because of the loop in the line, I lose the bottom 2" - 3" on BOTH SIDES (dual petcocks) of the tank. I don't know if disassembly will allow me to do this, but Hey, what the heck!!

2 - Also, as posted by myself earlier, I would like to fill in the old octopus air line nipple w/ soldier to completely eliminate any possible air leak potential WITHOUT crapping up the piot air matrix w/ soldier (like completely block the ckt).

3 - Plus, being a "Curious George", I WANT to do it! :)

YamaBond is not what holds the crankcase halves together. Yamaha Quick Gasket is.

Good luck,



I also separated the upper and lower halves of the '00 FCR carb while drilling the main air jet passage oversize. There was no problem in doing it, but be extremely careful with any gaskets there. The parts fiche does not show any available replacements. A very expensive and risky thing to be messing with. ($500-800 :) ) The only source of the internals may be Keihin directly from Japan or a factory race team with access to the components.


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