steering stabilizer group buy

I have contacted Chris at about a group buy. I was told from his last email that he will give a discount to any ThumperTalk member, but will give a group buy discount when he sees how many people are ready to buy-the more sales the bigger discount. I figure the best way is to post here on ThumperTalk that you are ready to purchase a damper or email Chris at

The link is bad.But if he sells scotts i'm interested in a whole kit.


I got there the link shouldn't have a s :)

I would be interested in a Scott's as well..... whole kit.

I E-mailed chris on the 17th. and inquired about the group discount.This was the reply:

In reply to:


Hey Randal,

It will have to be a pretty big group for me to drop prices more than $10 below what is posted on my site. I'm already $40 under retail.





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