Fried Clutch Cable!


Went out on the WR recently, stopped to adjust the fuel screw, and while leaning down touched the horn button with my shoulder and with a feeble <parp> the bike stopped dead.

All electrics gone, dead as a dodo. Great. :lol:

No tools as I had only meant to go out for a few minutes. Some time later my wife comes to the rescue, then back home for some tools and fuses.

The bike fires up straightaway with a new fuse, so I gear-up and wave off my wife.

WHAT-THE-F-------!!!!!!!! Smoke pouring out the clutch lever pivot! :lol: :lol:

I yank out the clutch switch thinking it must be that but it looks fine. The smoke seems to have stopped so I jam it in gear quick and head off for the 3 mile ride home.

The bike runs worse and worse but just makes it to my drive before dying again, phew.

Something clearly not right so probe around with a multi-meter and eventually discover the aftermarket handlebar light and horn switch is shorting 12V straight to the handlebar – nice! :worthy:

And some more probing show the handlebars don’t have a good earth back to the chassis, but the clutch cable does! And its fried like a kipper, melted and seized solid….


Ho hum, so waiting for a new cable now…..

Rewired the switch so the horn is earthed at the switch end rather than sending a live 12V on pressing the button. Unfortunately that means the horn has to have a permanent live feed one side (with ignition on), which is the reason I wired it the other way in the first place. Oh well, live and learn.


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