Titanium: lightweight AND strong? Whatever...

My brother-in-law laid down his WR450 on the right side while going about 30mph. No damage done to the rider or bike...so he thought. After looking at the bike he realized the header had been severely bent. Here are some shots of it:



Looks like it's going to be an expensive replacement. My question is this: So...are there any aftermarket headers that are affordable and will fit up with the stock WR muffler? I'm sure a replacement OEM header is going to start at somewhere around $300.

go to EBAY

YZ WR 400 Stock Yamaha Head pipe 426 YZ400F

Item # 2407433637

Before you go spend a fortune replacing your pipe.....I would give Bret a shot a Pacific Crest pipe repair. http://www.piperepair.com He typically charges $40 bucks.

Good luck! :)

Check out Motoman393 page he has directions to fix dinged up pipes, A friend of mine did it and it works amazingly!!!

only costs about 10 bucks, plus beer.

Titanium has slightly less yield strength than steel but is about 1/2 as stiff. It is also 1/2 the mass of steel.

If you have 2 tubes one of Steel and the other titanium, with the same diameter and wall thickness, the titanium tube will not be as strong. The titanium tube will be 1/2 the weight.

thunder alley sells them...$100 I think

beware trying to fix a titanium headpipe like you would a steel one.

motomans site has some great stuff, but the same rules do not apply to titanium. steel reaches a yield point when heated, so that it gives. the internal pressure you apply with compressed air pushes out the dents. titanium does not yield when heated, you will ruin the item before it decides to yield. for what its worth.

THANKS for all the information guys! We're going to bag trying to fix it and probably get a replacement. I found a used 426 header locally for cheap and he's going to try and fit it the next couple of days. I'll let you know if it works or not.

I Second the Pacific coast pipe rpair. Brette can fix anything and he truley has a one day turn around . I have used him and I was more than pleased with his work. He also will give you your money back if he can't fix it to your satisfaction.It's worth the $40 to at least tryit.

If your not gonna use the stocker can i have it?I could come up with a few bucks if needed.



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