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HELP, Warranty Work Needed

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Hi Guys.....

Those of you may remember my previous posts when I was chasing the jetting ghost. After taking this bike to four different shops in my local area I am finally convinced along with others that I am living one of those horror stories we've all heard before about the brand new bike becoming a nightmare come true.

Anyway, my dilema now is how to get a local Yamaha dealer to do warranty work on a Canadian model. I mean, what's up ? A Yamaha is a Yamaha right ?. Maybe I'm ignorant to the reasoning here,( and especially because I was never given a reason from the two Yamaha dealerships in this area why they won't honor a Canadian WR that was sold in Oregon ) but why wouldn't a local Yamaha dealer want to help deal with the obvious problem that I have experienced since the beginning under the Yamaha name rather than calling it a national problem. Is not the Yamaha name known world wide or is it a different company at every border.

The G.M. at the place where I bought it didn't seem to have a problem with standing behind the bike. He didn't balk at all,or talk any mumbo jumbo about american model vs. canadian model. I think we all know there is only very minor differences between the two.

I am just weighing all the factors here. I know it will take a great deal of time and effort to transport the bike back to Oregon for the work to be done. An obvious electrical problem of couse will bring the bill up between parts and labor at the local dealership since they won't call it warranty work.

Does anyone have a reason why ? Does anyone know a specific person I should be speaking with directly at the Yamaha Corperation who would help stand behind the Yamaha name.

This all seems just too strange to me. I can understand the nature of competition because I love it myself, but thats all this sounds like to me here is the damn dealerships not wanting to deal with a problem unless they will be getting paid directly from the consumer instead of standing tall behind the Yamaha name.

Someone please speak up and tell me if it's just me or is there a real reason why this is the way it really is suppose to work.

Thanx Armpumped

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