Can't find 1st, Where did it go..........

Man, my shifting is getting pretty bad on my WR. For most of the summer now, I've been fighting my down shifting, pretty much for down shifting into 3rd, 2nd, and worst of all 1st :D ......

Here is the deal once again. For example, cruzing around in 4th, grab clutch, stomp shifter.......90% of the time, all I get is a dead shift, still kinda stuck in 4th, or at least between 4th and 3rd. Then, if I let the clutch out, it snaps into 3rd *thunk!*. It will do this then into 2nd, and usually again into 1st, if I even find 1st at all. All most always a dead shift, no click, just a movement down with a *thud* as I let out the clutch :D:) ! But then, the other 10% of the time, she shifts smooth as can be.

So, with my limited knowledge, sounds like it could be a shift fork issue. However, A) I'm not totally familier with exacetely how shift forks work, :D Is there a way, to take the clutch cover off and inspect what may be the culprit???

This whole "going for 1st from 2nd, and consistantely getting Mr. Neutral" is killing me.

Any ideas..........


Dodger :D:D

When you try to move the shifter by hand does it always spring back? Could be a problem with the return spring. :)


Yup, it always returns.........

Dodger :D:)

It sounds like the gear dogs are not engaging completely when you shift. Normally, this would indicate a bent shift fork, however, since one fork controls the 1-2 shift, and another controls the 3-4 you would have to have bent 2 forks, or it is something else. It could be a problem with the shift drum that controls the path the forks take. Unfortunately, there is no way to inspect them without splitting the cases... Are you experiencing any problems with the bike popping out of gear while under power?

My bike does kind of the same thing.

When shifting from 1st to second if I don't really bang the shifter up it will catch neutral sometimes. I just thought this was how these bikes are.

It seems to be an inherent problem with these bikes. :)

Dodger if you do tear into this remember not to squirt anything in your eye! :)

Good luck I hope the fix is cheap.

If it is shifting good going up through the gears and the trouble is downshifting I would check:

1 The shifter, the way it is mounted and if it is tight

2 next I would check the shift shaft where it runs through the cases and behind the clutch basket and look for any deformities.

3 Good luck, hope you get it fixed without having to split the cases. :)

Hey Dodger, when do you ever need 1st anyway?

Seriously, my son (8yrs old and just moving up from the centrifigul clutch, single speed 50cc racers to the KX65 six-speed) was getting his butt kicked on the track, not due to his riding, but due to missed shifts.

He was also getting his butt chewed by your's truly for not completing his shifts. He kept telling me that "it just DID it by itself". After a month or so of this, his crank went south and we commenced a total rebuild.

First thing to fall out of the side cover was a little wheel on a broken lever: the shifter detent. With a very vindicated 8 yr old looking me in the eye and asking "Gee Dad, what's that? You don't suppose it had anything to do with my bike always going into neutral, do you?".... :D

Always trust your dog ( no matter where you saw the bird go down ) and LISTEN to your rider, no matter how young and inexperienced... :)

I'm learning. Sometimes it just takes a 2x4 upside the head... :D

Your problem sounds similar (the shifting/neutral problem that is, not the learning disability). Good Luck.

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No, thank god it doesn't pop out of gear, either under torque or not......BTW, it shifts fine going up through the gears.....

??????????????????????????????????????????????Anyone else............

Oh, if I come to a stop without down shifting at all, in order for me to get back to 1st....I have to shift (same dead shift) - let out the clutch and let it clunk into next gear down, then repeat until back to first..........Very annoying.

Dodger :D:)

[ September 11, 2002, 12:50 PM: Message edited by: Dodger ]

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