2006 yz450f Scotts Stainless Oil filter

Just got my Scotts oil filter in the mail. Went to put it on last night and it looks quite a bit different than the stock one, did they send me the wrong one?

The stock one has a hole in both ends: a large hole in the outside end and a small hole in the other end (inside) that has some sort of spring relief round door in it, it also has a large rubber grommet at each end.

The scotts one has no hole at all or rubber grommet on the inside end.

Reading the very similar post below, i see that the spring loaded door is a bypass valve, and also that the second rubber grommet is not required. So is there supposed to be NO bypass valve in this filter, since I don't seem to have one?

The scotts one has no hole at all or rubber grommet on the inside end.

Look again. There is a spring loaded ball in the center of the inboard end frame of the filter, which is the bypass valve, and serves the same function as the spring plate on the disposable types.

The SS filter does not use a base pad on the inboard end because the filter is sturdy and precisely dimensioned enough that it does not need one to make in fit correctly without being crushed.

You have the right filter, by the sound of things.

yep, you were right. The small depression in the center was actually a small bypass valve. I went on a long ride this weekend with it and the bike was fine, to I guess i am good to go.

I also recently installed the heavier flywheel based on recommendations on this site. I just rode a very tight rocky trail over the weekend and was really happy with the performance. In a few spots it would have definately stalled in the past and it doesn't now.

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