Come-On & Help a brotha out here

I'm gonna buy a new pipe for my 2000 Wr400 in two weeks. What do you folks use? Just lookin for some suggestions on what works and what doesn't. Are full systems worth the extra bucks of a slip-on? Your help in figurin' out what to pick-up will be greatly appreciated.


Used YZ muffler=good value.


IMHO, your not going to gain worlds of power but you will get louder. Most of the $ your spending is for a lighter system and not a more powerful one. The stock WR pipe is decent and not to loud with the baffle out, but it is heavy. The aftermarket headers are mostly lighter and also let you change the oil filter with out breaking the header loose.

Try to find a used YZf pipe and have your suspension done :)


I don't know about the 400/426 but the pipe on a YZ250F is actually quieter than a WR250F with the baffle out.

Quote by: XC800.X Used YZ muffler=good value.
I agree. A quick “USED YZF EXHAUST WANTED” posted in the YZ forum should get you set up. They are lighter than the stock WR muffler and really do help performance. It’s a straight through glass pack design. A no nonsense look, and dirt cheap.

Good luck.

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I've heard that the YZ pipe does work well. However, they aren't spark arrested. I ride and race in the deserts of N. Nevada and a spark arrestor is required everywhere but MX tracks. Anyone have suggestions about after market pipes?

Hey Steve...I'm way off the topic here but I noticed you have my old #61t and you are from Reno. I just left Carson, racing AMA District36 riding a 98 wr400f. I miss that area. Win some for me bro...hanging out in K.C Mo. these days. Much slower but also much more technical..did manage to keep my(our)# though. Later...

2nd place is just the first loser.

Hey again...forgot to give my 2 cents on the pipe. The s-bend from White bros. is about the best you will find for the money unless you have some serious dough. Great low end and mid range grunt for all the sand and hills. Also get the header (not the high boy). Jet a little richer and you will be very happy...good luck. Call my buds Walt or J.B over at Micheals in Carson. They can hook you up with any and everything. They have a wealth of knowledge there but then so do some of the guys on this board...good luck.

Ok I figured out what to get. I had to go to the YZ side of TT to get more info, but I think I found the ultimate end to my search. THUNDER ALLEY!!! All the folks on the YZ boards are raving about this pipe and what it'll do for the YZ/WR power. They are supposed to bring tons of bottom to mid power and, when jetted right, rev to the moon. They are hand made to order by a guy in SoCal and have spark arrestor options. Plus they aren't anymore costly than anything else out there, actually cheaper. The std pipe is only 250 & the S/A is an extra 45. I just ordered mine and I'll write up a review for everyone once I get it on my bike. Can't Freekin' Wait!!!

Oh ya,

Spazz: I'll do what I can to keep our number up front. But after the first turn there's no guarantee. I'm a slow novice rider that just does the races for kicks. I'll be doing the MRANN Lovelock race in two weeks and hopefully I'll have the our number finishing in a respectible position.

Oh ya #2:

Spazz - You wouldn't have dated a hair-dresser from Carson named Brenda, did ya? If you did, you and my buddy were assigned the same number about two MRANN seasons ago & you got to keep it. He had to change his number at the Nightingale race & he ended up crashing out in the first turn. She was in a few classes of mine at school and I saw her at the Pinenut race last year.

Consider the Pro Moto Billet S/A end cap on the YZ can. I have also had my eye on an FMF "Q". You should be able to get that as a slip-on, YZ version for $275-300. It is S/A, too.

Hey careful at Lovelock (extremely rocky even for Nevada)Nightingale is awsome. Took second in that on a rear flat. Lots of washes for highspeed fun. Fun is what it's about.

Hey careful at Lovelock (extremely rocky even for Nevada)Nightingale is awsome. Took second in that on a rear flat. Lots of washes for highspeed fun. Fun is what it's about. Never dated in Carson. (married man) I can't remember the girls name that cut my hair but she was half Japanese if that helps. Sorry about your bud...good luck and enjoy!

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