Hi guys,

How many miles per gallon can I expect from my 426 on the road with my Michelin Siracs on?

Not many with that main jet i suspect.

I'm at sea level so I can't really go with something smaller... :) I was at 165mm last year but lots of backfire... :D

Math - he's just pokin' some fun at you brother. Lose the "mm" designation from your MJ sizes. 175 mm = 17.5 cm which is roughly 6 7/8 inches! Now THAT is one big chunk of brass! It certainly would flow a serious amount of fuel. :D

Don't worry - I'm sure that you're English is far better than most everyone's French on this board, so keep on keepin' on. But while we are talking about it, perhaps the subject for this post should have been "economy" ? I know that you sure made me look quick when I saw the topic. After all autonomy means sovereignty, or self-government. You Quebec guys just don't give up eh? :):D :D

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Yeah, poking a bit of fun :):D all jokes aside, i am at see level to approx 3000 ft with a 160 mj all other jets are stock, 200 maj, 75 paj and cant remember the pilot jet maybe 42, the only difference will be the "e" taper needle, air box open, TK sports pipe, yz450f cam, James now, BK mod, plug colour is perfect :D on an easy trail ride i get about 170 ks to the tank whatever that converts to.

:D :D

You know guys, I think that the best way to get better at swimming is to jump into the pool with buddies that know how to swim. That stands for mechanic and for the English language.


Thanks again to my english teachers, I guess that this one goes with my post where I was asking what state the "TBA" abbreviation was standing for... :D :D

I'm glad you guys took the time to answer and help me.

The "mm" was a double mistake :):D... sorry... "mj" would of course be better. :D

170Km means about 105 miles / 3gal of fuel= about 33 to 34 miles/gal. Not bad...

My Ford Focus gives about 500 km/45 litres = 310 miles / 11,5 gal = 26-27 miles/gal.

Around 100 miles sounds about right

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