stock exhaust modification

I want to make the stock exhaust shorter on my 03 YZ450F. Does it matter how much I cut off? Is there any specific amount that will make it run better or worse? Should I even mess with it or just leave it alone?

they sound better(louder) i have cut down a few pipes on my 06. shorter pipes seem to have more low end power. but maybe it was just the noise leavle making me think that. i cut mine down as far as i could... about a half inch from the mount. just leave enought room for that top rivit. the best way i found to do it is.. go around the outside(the aluminum piece) with a cut off wheel. then cut through the packing and the rest with a hack saw. then there is the fun part of pulling some packing out so the tip will go back in. you'll like the sound!

I have the opposite opinion. The only benefit you'll get from this is the improved appearance, which is subjective, anyway.

You will not gain any performance one way or other, and the bike will be significantly louder. You may like the sound, but almost no one else on the planet with you will.

Agreed on the sound issue enough riding places are being closed down because of 4 strokes no need to make it worse.

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