Baffles @ BAJA Designs

Baja Designs has two baffles for the BRP. They have the HRC Competition baffle for $115, and their own Baja baffle for $89.95.

Has anyone used their baffle?

Have them both. You insert the baffle into the HRC unit. Baffle works well but a reduction in power is noticable vs. the HRC by itself. The HRC won't pass the new sound test. I haven't had the baffle tested but I assume that it will pass. Baffle is a quality unit and is very easy to install & remove (one set screw).

Frankly, I'm not sure that I would purchase the combination again. I would take a long look at some other models in a month or two after everyone comes out with products that meet the sound test. I may end up changing in the near future...

FYI. My HRC insert does not have the "spark arrestor stamp" on it... This hasn't been an issue yet, but I'm concerned about being checked in the SB Forest...

The reason why the HRC tip does not have an USFS stamp of approval on it is not because it is not spark arrested, it is because it is over 6" deep. The USFS standard says that the exhaust tip should be no more than 6" in depth and the HRC tip is 8.75" deep.

Thanks for the details on the arrester. At some events I've run, the techs checking the sound levels also inserted a stick into the exhaust tip. I assume that they were looking for restriction (arrestor). The HRC passed the stick test.

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