oil change

I bought my first thumper,(2001 WR426),and would like some feed back on what oil to use,any recommendations? Thanx

The "Search" feature in the upper right hand is your best friend.......I would imagine a life time worth of reading if you search on "oil".......

Dodger :):D

every 200 miles. use mobil 1 15W-50 fully synthetic. that is what alot of guys use. The good ole yamalube 20W-40 is always a good choice also.


I took my oil out to save weight :)

I change every 4 - 5 rides depending on how hot the days were and how hard I rode the bike.

I use Castrol Act>Evo 20-50 some use the 10-40

Others use Mobil 1 Red Cap.

DO a Search Pleanty of information there. It actually boils down to what you prefer. I use Castrol in all my engines including the lawnmower.

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