IMS tank petcock hole too small

Just in the middle of fitting my IMS 3.1g tank to an 08 WR450 and went to put the petcock into the tank only to discover the holes are too small and it won't go in. Looks like about 1mm too small.

I'm planning to drill/file the holes out a bit, but I'm worried that the plastic between the main and reserve petcock holes will get too thin and collapse, leaving me with a large oval shaped hole, which I'm worried will leak like a siv.

Any advice?

mine had the same problem , i enlarged the hole and it busted into the other hole , but its ok it doesn't leak

Magic, thanks. All I needed to know. Wasn't sure if it was going to stuff it up and there goes any refund. Cheers.

Same here, I made mine into an oval hole and no leaks.

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