Brake Fluid...

Has anyone had problems with their rear brake resorvoir breaking off of it's little perch...What a design???

Any solutions to make it more durable are appreciated.


The culprit when the plastic res breaks is due to the mounting tab having been bent too far out away from the exhaust and being jammed against the metal guard. If you adjust the tab outward you must also bend the guard out far enough to get off the res. This will work as long as you don't crash really hard on the right side against the guard.

I have moved the tabs on both my bikes so that they are not in close proximity of the pipe (1/2 inch away) and the guard is another 1/2 inch away from the Res....Seems to be doing quite well.

Bonzai :)

I actually hit mine so hard on a fall once it broke the metal tab off the subframe. Not much you can do about that. :)

I have the works connection guards on my 99 yz400. They protect the resivwar nicley. I just found out monday that My resivwar was cracked down the back side (pipe side) of the resivour and was leaking. I ordered one from local bike shop for $13. Ive never heard of these cracking b4. Is the hot pipe causing this to fail? I cant really move my tab outward because on the frame guard. Maybe some heat shield tape on the pipe side of the resivour.

My metal clip that holds the reservoir is actually broken off the subframe as well. My frame guard is actaully what is holding it in place right now-seems to still work fine though...

I tried the metal reflective tape route, It didn't help. My last res on my WR was bowed out on each side and allowing fluid to escape. I moved it a little farther away from the pipe just to see if it will hold up.

This would be a great aftermarket item to have " a Billet Res for the 98/99 WR/YZ models" for sure.

In the mean time I have two in my tool box just in case.

Bonzai :)

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