Wont start on button or kick-- but will pull start??

I was riding at Sand Lake, OR yesturday and fell over and about sanded my arm in two. When I got back on the 03 WR450 it stalled. I tried to kick it over but it was solid, would not turn over. The electric start sounded like it was just spinning also. I rocked it back a bit and the kickstarter finally let loose but would not start, just kept turning over the engine. Pushed for about 2 miles when a quad pull-started me and I rode it back to camp. It ran normally the mile or so I had to go but it would not start back up! What is the problemo. Thanks for any leads.

It sounds like a compression problem to me. That's what Honda's do when the valves tighten up. They loose compression and get hard to start. As far as not being able to kick it over after dumping it, sounds like something came loose in the motor and bound everything up.Maybe the piston seized(that would explain low compression). You broke it loose when you rocked the bike back and forth, but something is still hurt inside. Time to dive:foul:

change out the sparkplug, my old 79 xr500 use to foule out plugs on a regular time span, always needed to cary a extra.

Just pull started bike again and it runs normal, making good power and when kicked over it feels like it has good compression but just won't start. When I hit the e-start the starter just spins but does not engage the flywheel.:worthy:

has the flywheel key sheared and locked the crank .now its free timing could be out

do a leekdown test on the motor it should tell the story!!

I know what you are saying. Nothing is wrong with the engine. I'm working on a 2007 WR 450 right now that wont fire...Try this, roll start it. The one i have wont kick or estart sitting still. But pull or push it and it fires right up. I'm going to start another thread on this issue but we might have the same problem.

I will try to post what it was if and when we "figger" it out!

Huh... how interesting.

Huh... how interesting.

how so?

has the flywheel key sheared and locked the crank .now its free timing could be out

I agree. Check the flywheel key. A guy I work with had the same symptoms w/ similar year bike, stealership had his bike for several months changing out CDI, Fuses, meter tested the stator, etc... til finally the master mechanic recommended checking the timing key....ding ding we have a winner! lol

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