02 426 problems

I just bought an 2002 426 from a guy for $800. It was a great deal in my opinion. When he started it up, it was spitting and sputtering/backfiring, and about 15 seconds after it was started, the exhaust pipe coming from the jug was red hot. It wasnt just discolored either. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where I should start with fixing the problems. Heck, does anyone know what the problem might be?

Thanks in Advance,


Start with the carb. Look for varnish deposits in the jets.

do the basics first, it will save you money

Change gas out use 92 octane

Change oil and filter,check/ clean screen in neck tube

Change or clean spark plug/check spark plug wire. replace if needed

clean carb, jets, bowls, linkage etc..

i trusted starting rules for a 02 yz426 as follows

1. pull choke out

2. twist throttle full open and let snap shut(this is the last time you should touch the throttle)

3. pull kick start out cycle kicker til it stops, bump compression lever just alittle til the kick moves slightly down, let the kicker back to the top and kick like hell

4. i have never had my bike not start up within 3 kicks

good luck hope there isnt any problems

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