98 yz 400 seems to have no 5th gear

i did a search and did'nt come up with any thing this specific so....

basically i bought a used yz 400 for 900 dollars about a year and a half ago.

And i love it. it runs great, always starts first or second kick. pulls hard, in short i like it more than my 04 wr, wich was almost 3000 , and is starting to nickel and dime me to death.

how ever this bike was a colorado power sports race bike at some point,

and has been modded a bit. So i'm not sure where to start. first off i was told that it has a 426 top end. and the head is a slightly different shade of grey...if that makes sense:) and it pulls like it and has very high compresion.

it also has a damper mount welded to the frame over size rotor etc...

it all works great.

however the bike has never seemed to have a fifth gear. which suck on the road/fire-roads and my buddies drop me.

is it possible it has a damaged shift fork or gear?

all the other gears work great.

is it possible the tranny was modified.

why would anyone remove fifth?

i'm not very knowledgeable with trans stuff

and it's a shame to split cases on a bike that runs so well.

what do you think?

im thinking of selling the wr and putting some money into this bike because

what could i really get for a 98 400 vs the 04 wr.

and the yz runs so good

It was not unheard of to remove one gear on serious Pro level MX bikes to save weight. The extra gear is not really needed on a track very often.

To figure out whether it's put together like that or if it's broken, do this:

Shift the bike as far down as it will go to be sure you're really in first. Now shift up through the gears. When you get to 4th, does the shifter just not go any farther? If so, 5th was removed, and the shift cam modified.

If it moves as if shifting to another gear, but doesn't shift, or shifts to another neutral, there's a problem.

Either way, you'll need to split the cases to fix it.

I'm having the exact same problem with a 99 Yz 400. I bought mine used also from a guy who used it for desert racing. It shifts into 5th, but it feels like another neutral. Some have told me that it is either a bent shift fork,( it is disengaging from 4th and not fully engaging 5th) or a busted gear. I have never found any chips or large shavings in the oil, and never heard any grinding. I haven't had time to try to fix it. Otherwise the bike runs awesome, its a monster. I haven't had any other problems. Hope you figure it out, if I can find time to get to it, I'll let you know what I find.

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