oil cooler install

well just like the title says i bought an oil cooler for my pit bike but no instructions came with it. i have a lifan 125cc start neutral engine. i know i have to drill and tap lines but where. if anyone have detailed instructions that would be helpful.

we need more info. what oilcooler and what bike??? maybe post some pics so we can help out.

first off none of the oil cooler kits we sell require drilling

most 125 pitbike oil cooler come off the head with a bolt on plate

Or Into The Case Of The Motor





not bad for a camera phone HUH? but yea that's what i have to work with.its more of a cheaper one i just bought but they if it works sweet deal. i only bought two bikes for 50 bucks pieced them together to make one cool bike if you need more pics let me know its 6 am long night and last thing before bed.

your going to run into another problem your going to have to make some kind of bracket to hold it also as it doesn't look like your frame has one?

no way man its all good. why buy it, ill make both tbolt usa makes em so can i and a bracket is no problem its just how far way and where i can put it, but i like the fact i don't have a bracket just that much more different from your bike. but thank you now i know where to drill the holes.

hold on maybe you guys can help me again. my problem now is the motor seems to be running hot cause the pipe likes to change color throughout the exhaust. once i start it let it warm up with the choke on, ill take it out and it will run first gear but once i get on it in second it like to bog out. i have been messing with the fuel screw and the needle for most of the day. stock everything carb, jets, exhaust idk im at a stand still now.

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