YZ case;

I'm doing a teardown very soon. I am talking to a fellow that will sell me half of a yz426 case. Its the left side with the drive gear. ( I was told this is the easier of the two to take apart. and I am so relieved at the thought of not having to get into the tranny. I am mechanically inclined. but have no experience in bottom ends, cams etc.. This is going to be a learning project for me and I hope I don't have any regrets post. I was told Cases, when casted are machined to seal with its significant other. Will I be asking for trouble by ordering the replacement left cover, tearing mine down & bolting my parts to the New (To Me) cover and throwing some liquid gasket/rtv in and proceeding to assemble the top end & expect a fine tuned machine again?

any input is greatly appreciated, and I hope there isn;t previous posts asking this same question.. Forgive my nubness.


i need an opinion quickkk!!! thanks much!

From what I have read; There is a bearing alignment issue. From what I remember the case halves are machined as a pair. Therefore you can not just order one half, and mate it with an existing case.

I am no expert, but this is what I remember from previous posts.

My advice would be to hold off, until an expert chimes in.

You cannot mix and match crankcase halves for the exact reason usmcpaul gave. Don't do it.

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