2008 yz450f wont start

Got back from the trac last weekend and sprayed off the bike and put it up. I had to go out of town for a week and couldnt get to it until today. I cleaned the air filter, put on a pro taper throttle tube and new grips :worthy: and then tried to crank up the bike so I could chage the oil out. It took alot of kicks to get it going but it cut off after a minute or so. :lol:

I finally got it cranked up again and took it up and down the street a couple of times and it was backfiring like crazy on deacceleration. When I slowed down to an idle it just cut off. Now i cant even it get started. I put a new spark plug in and the old one was a bit black and sooty. Any suggestions???

dirty carb.

Too much oil in the air filter.

That could be it, or since it sounds like you didn't give the oil 4~6 hours to dry, you may have sucked some into the carb air jets.

It could also be water in the carb.

Thanks for the advice, im going to check my jets today and I will keep you updated:thumbsup:

I drained the carb and gas tank, recleaned and oiled my air filter and the bike runs fine now. I dont know if i got water in the carb somehow or if I had too much oil on my filter. Thanks for the advice I appeciate it!

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