Mobile 1 For PIG?

Anyone using Mobile 1 or equivilent? I've been reading the CRF450 posts and it seems that it's pretty popular. Some are running it in both sides (engine and tranny) or just the engine side. What are you guys running? Right now I've got the Honda Gold 10-40 wt. It is a petrolium/synthetic blend. The reason that I have 10-40 is that the guy behind the ECC parts counter said that's what to run. When I got home and double checked my manual I realized that I really should be running 20-50. DOH! :) Gonna change it out and I want to run the best oil I can find. Hep me, Pig Brutha's!

My "Betty" has been fed Mobil 1 for two seasons now and she seems happy :)

I run it in everything I got from truck to lawn mower, cheap insurance.

Dutch-Meister D! You run the red cap 15-50 wt. in "Sweet Betty"?

Yep! - thats what she likes. She has also had the "Motorcycle Blend" Mobil 1's and that works fine also. Just watch out for the dreaded "Energy Conserving" label.

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