Pat on the back companies

In an effort to be more positive, i think it would be cool to list companies that offered exceptional service. My pat on the back goes out to the Alpinestars boot company. I have heard nothing but positive things about this company and decided to buy a pair of tech 8's. The top buckle on each boot was to short for my large legs but the salesperson assured me that alpinestars rated #1 in customer satisfaction and would get me fixed right up. I purchased the boots and called the toll free alpinestars number when i arrived back at home. The customer service rep took my address/telephone number and then asked how fast i needed the extra long style buckles. The next day i get a knock on the door and it's an overnight package with a complete set of extra long buckles for both boots!! The following day i got a phone call from the same rep wanting to know how the new buckles worked and if there was anything else they could do!! These guys are good !!!!!!!

Jeff and his crew at , Everything is always delivered on time, and they will compete against anyone for your business.....

Very satisfied customer :)

Bonzai :D

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Dick's racing here in Las Vegas. Dick Wilk is a nationally know suspension guru. Dirt Rider always uses Dick to dial in the suspension of their test bikes. (especially KTM). Well, even with a rep like that he will still get on the phone anytime and answer questions.

He is very knowledgable and when he says "Joe, don't worry, it will be done on friday". I really don't worry about it because I know he will have it done. He has even worked past the time he closes to get bikes out by friday afternoon. I recommend his shop to anyone that needs work on their bike.


I have had awesome luck with RMATV over the past yrs.

I actually just checked one of the guys in from Rocky Mtn going to TPE to check out a couple of products they may pick up to sell.

Let me tell you what............Very personable and great to talk to. Just from talking to him ,I would buy just because of that. We actually talked for about 10min and I asked him about TT if they ever monitor the internet chat rooms or websites. He said they do. So I am sure the rest of the companies do too. So this "bad"advertisement does not go unnoticed and neither should the GOOD srvc from the good !svc!! :)


Ditto on the MXSouth, Yamakaze!

Dennis Kirk in MN is also top notch: free shipping (I'm in IA and have mine in 2 days), great customer service, no hassles. I am returning some handguards tomorrow simply because they didn't look the same as the picture. Turns out there was a photo error (they checked it out and got back to me promptly with a "you are right"). They even reimburse me for the return shipping! Easy to use website, also. (the one area MXSouth needs help).

Others who stand behind their stuff: Baja Designs, Jet Pilot, and Atomic 22.

When it comes to 50cc racers, nobody beats Cobra. I had a trashed engine on my son's third-hand bike on a wednesday. Double header with TWO Championships to be decided on the weekend at different tracks.

I called to have the parts overnighted and cried about not having the time to do the overhaul anyway ( I drove OTR semi ).

Chief mechanic, Biff, comes on the line: "Just pack that engine in a box and hightail it to UPS and overnight it to me. It's a flat $50 labor plus parts, no matter what it needs.

I got it to OOPs at 4:30pm Wed. I had it back and in the bike Friday. Sky-man won both championships the following two days! Felt like a big-shot Factory Race Team! :)

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i second that on dicks racing, not only did he get my suspension right on, he got it done the next day, great guy

Flatland Racing

This is my pick for the best aftermarket goodies company. Mike Shown is one of the nicest guys you will meet on the trails and he backs his product 100%. Plus all his products are saweeeeeeeeeet!

My vote goes to Motion Pro. I have one of their chainbreaker tools that has spent 95% of it's life at the bottom of my toolbox. About a year ago, I broke the push-pin. The unit was obviously neglected but I contacted MP and asked if I could just buy the pin. I was contacted the next day and asked for an address to which to send the new pin and pin-holder. When I replied, I explained that the unit had been abused and that I'd gladly pay for the broken parts replacement. They'd hear none of it and shipped out a replacement part and they paid shipping! Oh, did I mention that my chainbreaker was an easy 10 years old? That's way above and beyond IMHO.



Get your tires at Steele's Cycle (Union & Santa Fe)...303 781 5339.

Just bought a rear Dunlop 756 there for $79 INSTALLED. Just bring in your tire (off of the bike) and you're money! Neat selection of used bike parts (it's more or less a big scrapyard)...but with a service and accessories department ta boot.

Thanks goes to Dougie with this gem of a find!

Larry, sorry to burst your bubble bro but that's about retail on that tire.

Most places here in town will swap your tire if you bring the wheel in off the bike, it's no big deal.

OOPS! That didn't work, I'll try again...

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"...she thinks an impact driver is guy who crashes a lot..." :D:D:D

If I needed a new user name, that would have to be it!!!


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Companies I've had good luck with:

Dennis Kirk - free, quick shipping

MXSouth - they carry EVERYTHING

Rocky Mtn ATV/Cycle - Great prices, fast shipment, good place to buy tires!

Ahh Im not so Keen On Dennis Kirk any more. Yeah the shipping is free (unless you want tires??? :) ) but turns out they rock you on the cost of the stuff you buy. I used DK for years because whenever I shopped around the dealers, DK had a better price. Now the DK price is the highest I can find anywhere ! :D . I also called for some tech questions because the descripton on the web site and catalog was vauge and the operator was like, hold on Ill look on the web site,,,, ahhh, hellow, thats what Im looking at and noting against her but she thinks an impact driver is a guy that crashes alot!!! Just hand me over to a tech guy already!

Anyway, as if the price thing isnt bad enough, I was ONCE working on an EX 300 quad for someone else and orderd a puller tool and some parts for it, now every time I call the operator says to me "What can I get you for your EX 300 Honda" !!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh, then I have to say, I dont own one can you plese stop saying that?? and they are like,, ahh I dont have access to that.

Check the DK prices and youll see what I mean, check out the boots. I can open ANY MX mag and get 5 better prices in the first 20 pages.

I have two favorites. Zip-Ty Racing has the most effective customer service. I can call up with a question and either get Jim (THE MECHANIC) on the phone right then or he will call me back same day with the right answer to my piddly question that often doesn't even involve their product. I know of no other major, competitive, race team that I as just some schmuck off the street can call and will be able to talk with the lead mechanic. Also, once again, I will backup MoMilkman on Flatlands Racing. Great customer service and Mike is truly a man of his word. Both these guys are truly a great credit to our sport and should be patronised as much as possible to reward their helpfull attitudes. Thanks for reading, Mark

Rocky Mountain ATV...If you wonder why they appear to know so much on the phone, you should see their parking lot. It must be a job requirement to have a Truck with a YZ or KTM in the back of it. Honestly, some of the coolest bikes around belong to the folks that work there.

Utah Sports Cycle...the skidplate people. Years ago they were a Maico dealer. They started making skidplates once and a while. I guess the Aluminum they stock is taking up too much room to display the Maico's.....very cool folks that run this place!

I agree....

Zip-TY Racing has been fantastic to deal with. I usually deal with Ty's wife when I call....She has really gone out of her way many times to help me out in a hurry.....

Without a doubt a class act, and very dependable.

Bonzai :)

Hey you know, this was very cool. Tonight, I sat at home looking for a new rear tire, wanted to know who's got the cheap goods..........Pulled up this thread, and right to Rocky Mountain MC I went. 3 minutes later, I got a brand spank'in new M22 on it's way to me for $52 :D:D !!!!!!!!

I love the internet :) .........

Dodger :D:D

For New England: (in NH) >> Will beat most prices (otherwise they'll match!) :) , when they order mechandise, they have it in < 2 days! They carry street bike stuff, dirt bike stuff and LOT'S of sled stuff!!

Shawn WILL hook you up with whatever you need!! :D (in Mass) >> EVERYTHING is at Kev's fingertips >> He ships ASAP. :D He can tell you INSTANTLY whether or not he has it. If I order before noon on Monday, it IS at my door Tuesday. I know I am in NH :D , but still!! (in NH) >> SUPERB WORK , can't say enough good things about FC! :DFC has the best suspension...PERIOD!

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My list of the best "Customer Service"

Mylers --- #1 radiator repair/very quick turn-around

DRD ------ YZF/upgrades--Gina is awesome

Zip-Ty --- cool parts

MX South - anything you need/will negotiate $

MX Tuner - hands down the most knowledgable/friendly/fair - mechanic/friend

Proline Racing - good people

SYD ------ Best Dealer to buy from

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