Fork boot 06 WR 450

I had my first leak from a fork seal after a muddy ride and was able to fix it by cleaning. I'm now thinking about a fork boot. I would like any recommendations

as to what kind you have had good luck with such as Seal Savers, Shock Sox and any others or if this is a good thing at all. Thanks

I just put on a set of Shock Sox's.

have not really had them long enough to evaluate them though (as in will I get anymore leaky seals?).

I can tell you they fit good...I have been on a couple short dry rides, they did not move. they appear to work just as advertised.

I can tell you though, the fact that they go on in minutes with no tools, and off for cleaning in seconds, is a BIG advantage over the other brands in my books.

ShockSox are the quick and easy way to deal with this. I've been using them for years. No problems with leaky seals at all and I've run through all kinds of crap. Just take them off and wash them with your gear after every ride. Put them back on in 10 seconds.

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