WR450F Mach 1 Power Updated

After countless requests for more information, we have updated the power figures to show stock numbers, time, RPM and increase. Judge for yourselves. Click Here

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What did you do to the airbox?Are the stock numbers with the insert or without?And last question What is the sound level without the insert?


I dont see a heat sheild on that header.Does it run VERY cool? :)

The WR450F was tested with our Mach 1 exhaust system, Pro-Tec modified airbox, snorkel removed, Pro-Tec Re-Jet and gray wire removed from CDI. The numbers listed to the left show stock horsepower and the increase in horsepower at the specified RPM level

I suspect tha alarge portion of the increase was from the other mods they did. Really, now, we still have no idea how much the exhaust actually played in the increase. It is a good sales pitch, though.


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