Yz 450f Stock .. ? NEED MORE POWER ?

Just Keep It Pinned Through The Top Of The Jump If You're Coming Up Short-commit

The '05 was the "weakest" of the YZ450's. After being roundly criticized by nearly everyone for having created an unrideable monster with the '03-'04 model, Yamaha over corrected with the '05, taking far too much bite out of it in many people's minds. There were a lot of complaints of poor low end power and weak acceleration.

This is not to minimize any of the comments regarding your riding style; I haven't watched any of the video. It's just what is about this year model. I believe it's correctable by either substituting a CDI from an '04, or using an aftermarket box like the Vortex, with multiple ignition maps. The cams in all three years are the same.

I weigh in at 240 lbs, so I'm not too far off your weight. The YZ450 has more than enough power, it just sounds like you need to get on it a little more. While I agree that being heavier makes a bigger difference than most think, the 450 has more than enough to lug you around.

At the last desert race I did I was fourth through the first turn and the start was a long sandy uphill about a half a mile long. We were in fifth pinned for a while before we got to the turn. I have an 07 with a DRD pipe. One advantage us "bigger" guys have is the ability to sit on the back of the bike and let our fat butts push the rear tire into the ground and that equals sweet traction.

As others have mentioned you might check your gearing and jetting before spending money on a pipe. But from the sounds of the video you need to ride a gear lower and twist the throttle a little more.


I weigh 210 and ride an '06 yz450 - you'll definitely want to change your springs given your weight and set your SAG - that said - it's very important to enter and exit turns in the appropriate gear - In my two most recent crashes, I was over geared exiting a turn close to a jump and didn't manage to hook up properly - based on your video - you're definitely in a gear too high for your entry and exit speed...

I was just at Longview on Saturday and that jump needs to be pinned in third. Roll in hot and give the clutch a stab on exit and just hold it on. I ride a 426. You have plenty of power.

You are very brave to put a video on here. It always feels faster than it looks on video. Anyway, I'm a O/40 expert rider and a pretty good jumper for an old scared guy. I really don't think you need a pipe. It looks like you are very timid to get on the throttle hard as is, and a harder hit might make it worse. I suspect that is one reason you, like many of us older racers, tend to lug and stay in a higher gear. I think your gear selection is probably fine, yes, most fast guys would go through that turn a gear lower, a lot faster, switch gears before the jump keeping it pinned the whole time, and have to scrub some of their speed on the face to keep from over jumping it. It looks like you only really accelerate about 1/2 the time you could be. You get on the gas late, and cut off way too early. Any fast rider could easily get over that jump on a 125, so power isn't the problem. Try squaring the jump a little more (you floated wide delaying you getting on the gas) and hit the jump about 5 ft to the right of where you were hitting it. This will line you up faster, and you will hammer the throttle harder. Only very good riders can truly get on the gas hard while still turning some. Keep it pinned through the jump (trust me, this is harder than you think) and you will easily sail that jump whether your lugging at first or not. I usually sit down on a smooth jump like that the first time over, just to make sure I can clear it. Then I start trying to stand-up and hit it faster. Here's two video's of me I found. The first is this last weekend at the Freestone National track Torcs/Torn race. I'm the Suzuki that looks like I'm getting the holshot, but I skipped the front tire just enough to let one get underneath me. The second one, I'm the very last rider doing the step-up jump. It was the end of practice and it's on my 82 CR480R, that was running very bad that day (very rich). I actually jumped it twice, and over jumped it the first time laning into the first acceleration bump. Very hard landing on those old forks. Which brings me to suspension. If your just now learning to clear jumps, you will under/over jump some. At 250# that could be a problem. I'd suggest springs and suspension before any power mods. Even at 250#, that bike can get you over just about any jump. Also, don't worry so much about the jumps, work on those corners! There is a lot more speed to be had there, and once you improve there, the jumps will be much easier.



I have a 2005 yz 450. At first I was a little shy about buying such a big bike.I am 42 and My previous bike was 15 years ago and was a yz 250. After now about 10 or so rides getting used to the bigger bike. Im actually wondering if I need more horsepower. My friend says im just imagining things. But I think I might need more power. Somebody told me the benefit of having a new pipe is that I can go into the corners in a higher gear cause I have more torque and therefore gain time. I mostly ride motocross tracks and about 40% sand motocross tracks. Im shure some of what I am feeling is being on the sand is robbing power. But im not clearing some of the jumps I would like to clear. Im just missing that rocket power of the 2 stroke. I also weigh 250 lbs. I might start racing old timers classes. Any thoughts ?? Gearing change ? Race fuel ? A aftermarket pipe ?

You and I have the same problem...................... we need to lose 50 lbs.:worthy: You can clear that table in the first pic..... hold the throttle open after the corner.... you'll zip right over. I think its more of a seat time issue. I had an 05. I loved it till I got an 06.

Anyone that thinks they don't have enough power with a 450 is either a pro or doesnt know what they're talking about. You are SO far away from being pinned in these video's it's not even funny. Click it down a gear or two and then crack the throttle. You might be in for a surprise.

I'm sorry, but that bike sounds far from pinned in the videos, specially the first video. Maybe you needed to be in a lower gear for that corner. If you were in 4th gear for that corner, even if you "pin" it, it will only bog down at that speed. I'd try downshifting, a bit of clutch feathering, and giving it more gas.

I would have to agree, my 426 (which does have a Q2 silencer on it) sounds like that at about quarter throttle. And with that said, my 426 has enough power (with a quiet pipe, not a performance pipe) to clear all the obtsacle on the track I ride which includes two large table tops and and a very large uphill stepup.

For that first video, I would suggest trying to stay in the gear but set up so you can get on the gas much sooner in the turn and once the bike is pointed straight, then really pin it. That is the great thing about these four strokes, you don't have to down shift if you don't want:smirk:

open gas earlier and smoothly through all the turn, if you need to brake a bit sooner do it

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