WR 450 Ready for dirt/road Pics

Jim it will be a real shame when that bikes gets dirty. Nice job. :)

There must be something you don't have but I can't think what it would be.


It was the helmetcam, I have that also (honest).Should TT'rs carry protection? I don't have that.

Very nice, but your missing your TT Panoram protector. :)

So is it legal to have your rear plate turned sideways like that? Makes for a nice mud flap if anything.

jim, where did you get the litnbolz for the plate , and how much ?

thanx :)

I have put my plate on 2 bikes this way for two years now without and problems. I have had police follow me on the road 3 times and nothing happened.

Hi Xr600 I ordered on internet. I don't remember who from. The name is LitnBoltz I think. Do a search and I think you'll find them. I think it was about $30 for two of them. Jim

UPDATE I got them at www.ahmaclaughlins.com

Funny how those darn Renthal pads look upside down one way and not the other. I've flipped mine a couple couple of times.

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