Aftermarket Baffle & Jetting

My previous bike was a 00 WR400. Purchased a new 02 WR426 this winter and took the maiden voyage this weekend. Street only, still to much snow to get into the woods. Took it easy for awhile and followed the break in procedure. The mods I have done are in my signature. The bike is very fast and much more responsive than my 400. I run the Baja Vor Tip that is very similar to the Yamaha version now available. I decided to raise the needle one clip because of the open airbox and better flowing baffle. From 1/4 to full throttle the bike rips. Starts first kick, hot or cold. Idle to 1/4 throttle pretty good but I think it should be a little better. I think it may be a little rich on bottom because I can cold start without choke, if I do choke, close it right away and it idles fine. This weekend I will go one step leaner on the pilot and see what happens. If I can't get any better than it is now I will be happy, its runs good. So the point being with all of the activity and interest with the GTR baffle the current E taper guys should not rule out the stock D taper or some version of it. Could be that the E is to rich for a restricted pipe. My jetting is all stock with the needle raised one clip.

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