Looking for a bike..honest opinion of the 02 wr426? Thanks in adavance

Dealer has a couple left over. Was going to get a YZ 450 or CR 450 but do mostly trail riding.


My Buddy has one and it is a blast to ride! It has a lot's of power and he doesn't even have the throttle stop screw out. It take used to getting it started, since it doesn't have the auto decompression, but my buddy has no problem with it. I have ridden a YZF426 too and that is a great bike as well, but no lights. The titanium valves have a lightning fast throttle responce. Both bikes hit real hard. Good luck!

You'll be happy w/ it!

I wish I had an 02!! :)

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02 WR 426, an excellent choice. Free mods are everywhere. A perfect trail bike, very reliable engine with an awesome suspension as well.

Good Luck!

I have an 02 WR 426. Would not sell or trade for any other. Best bike I've ever owned. Do not worry about starting it . Mine stars with one kick every time. Just did the throttle stop screw last nigt and what a difference.


This should be a really good time to buy a WR426.

With the new and improved bike coming out the dealers will be much more likely to offer big discounts off MSRP.

If you can't get them to drop at least 10% off go to another dealer.

If casual trail riding is your preference look towards the DRZ or XR bikes, if its aggressive trail blasting go for the WR.

The WR will make a much better trail bike than either the CRF or YZ.

Although I'd love to have a new WR450, if I was in the market for a new bike I'd offer several dealers $1000 off MSRP on the 426 and see who would take it first.

NH Kevin,

Walk in and offer your dealer $1000 less than MSRP and see how quick wishes can come true.

Sell your old bike and you'll get half the purchase price back or save it for a buddy bike.

You should be able to get a good deal on the 02 with the new WR being electric start.

Once you learn the drill the pre happy button

wr's are easy to start.No matter what you hear.

My WR400 is a killer bike. The WR426 is better! If you can get a good deal on one, I'd say jump on it. If money isn't an object here then wait and get the e-button. Sweet! Although honestly, I never had a problem starting my WR. Good luck.

Walk in and offer your dealer $1000 less than MSRP and see how quick wishes can come true.


Although I wish I did have the 02 (much better starting platform), my 99 will be it for awhile.

I have done too many mods to even consider selling it:

Factory Connection suspension

ACERBIS and stock YZF tanks w/ IMS YZF seat

Carbon Fibre airbox

Mike Dean's Coil replacement

VORTEX ignition

(soon) 420 kit w/ adjustable cam sprockets

I DO like my bike, but as I mentioned, 02 is better starting platform >> steering angle, suspension, CARB (the BIGGIE)

...MAYBE if I buy a CRF250 or YZF250??? :)

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A) Your never going to notice the extra 24cc's, if you really truely do, I think serious racing is in your future!

:D Your a trail rider, don't get hung up on the extra snap of the YZ, CRF........you can mod your WR to be almost as snappy as the YZ, but you get lights and a wide ratio trans :) !

C) Since your not hung up on that wussy e-start, your set to go.

Just my $4.26 worth, save some cash and still get an awsome bike :D ..........

Dodger :D:D

Get the 426,learn to start it and take the money you save and buy a yz seat and tank combo and whatever other after market goodies you feel you need and go riding.The more you ride it the more you'll like it.

sniffle sniffle, my bikes on ebay

The 02 426 has been the most entertaining bike I have ever ridden. Do hte mods and this is a trail bike without equal.



Just got my 02 WR426 a couple of months ago and it almost didn't happen. Primarily that they were almost gone. I did find one about an hours drive from where I live. $1K less that the others are talking about, do it, I did and I am even smiling more when I ride.

Just sold my XR400R and it was a great ride, but what a difference, with factory settings went on a trail ride above 10,500ft elv. with no problems, Honda would have cough up a lung.

Good luck in your choice, however where I live you could find a great deal on a used 450 Honda, lots of them , but I have not seen a WR426 for sale for a longtime.


I'm VERY VERY VERY happy with my 2002 wr426f !!!

No problems at all(thanks god). Starts on almost every kick. 2-3 kicks after crash.


I am a proud owner of a 2002 WR426F. I couldn't be happier. After a long ride, I sit and stare at the beast wondering whatelse I could possibly want in a bike. I can't find anything. I love it. It handles everything I throw at it. I haven't had any problems starting my bike at all. I have yet to foul a plug and my jetting hasn't been touched. All I can say is its a great bike and you won't see this one in a For Sale ad anytime soon.

I love this bike !



Chk yer PM

Snopro,you are probably going to be happier w/a WR than a Motocrosser for woods riding.The thing that attracted me to the WR was the fact that you can do alot of tinkering with the machine.I was suprised when I got my Canadian model,I expected to do alot of fine tuning,really none was necessary.This thing freaking ripped from the get go!!!!!! I did a few of the mods,It only got better!!!The wide ratio tranny will have you going faster than you probably should,,if your a woods rider from Michigan you know what I'm talking about!!I considered a KTM 520 EXC, I rode one the power comes on a little different.IMHO the WR snaps a little quicker,I like that,plus the WR steers MUCH BETTER.The suspension is also superior.WR is the bang for the buck champ in my book!!! Check my signature,I added all that aftermarket stuff on my bike and still came in 800 dollars cheaper than a 520 EXC.Oh that alsso includes buy all new Pants,Jersy,Gloves,Helmet & Goggles!!!!!!! That Rocks!!!!So does my Blue Beast.I think my KTM buddy is really jealous!! :D:):D:D:D

I love mine...although I wish it could lose about 30 lbs. Its a great desert sled though!

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