wr450 e start help needed

trying to e start my wr is driving me crazy. i have gone to a 165 main, 48 pilot, 72 starter jet, baffle removed, airbox snorkle removed, grey wire cut. occasionally the bike will start with the electric start when cold, but i cannot get it to start when warm. it is embarrasing riding with my buddies and my brand new bike won't start. it starts fine with the kicker and runs like a champ, so i feel sure it is not the woodruff key. if anyone has any suggestions i would truly appreciate it.



Not to question your intelligence but are you pulling in the hotstart trigger ? With it pulled mine starts awesome with the electric starter, once it's warmed up :D:)

Same here, hot start lever a must when hot.

If my bike has been shut off for more than a few minutes after riding, I have to crack the throttle 1/8 (and always use the hot start) and it fires right up.

thanks for the replys, but yes i am using the hotstart. i've tried not giving any throttle at all, blipping the throttle before hitting the button, and opening throttle part of the way while hitting the button. it is turning the starter over fine, but it just won't fire the motor. i pull out kick starter and it usually only takes one kick. any other ideas or suggestions(jetting maybe) would be appreciated.



Utvols had the same problem and the key had sheared but just enough to mess up the timing...Hate to say it but maybe you should check it out.

i am going to order a flywheel puller and check the key. i will probably post again when my puller get here and hopefully someone can take me step by step through the procedure.



Ocassionally, mine has not started when I felt it was warm and was using the hot start lever. I pulled the choke and it started right up. I don't touch the throttle as the manual says not to.

Ditto on the choke. If mine has been off for 5 min. or more, I give ole Sally full choke and no hot start.

Just a thought but if it starts every time with the kick starter,try jumping it with a good battery to prove it's not a weak battery.


i'm gonna go against the grain here...I will get blasted...but ....try snapping the throttle one quick time to prime the combustion chamber.do that with the hot start open...then try to start it.let me know what happens.


Put 'er on a battery charger, it might help. Mine would not start with the button cold when I got it. I put it on a tender because the battery was low. It starts fine now.

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