01 yz426f end cap/header

Hi guys im new to the forum great information on here!! umm im looking into getting a after market pipe but have heard that the stock 426 pipe is almost as good if not better than some aftermarket?? if thats the case im going to buy a powerbomb header and just throw a PBM end cap on it will the header match up to the stock system?? I also noticed that my blow out tube drips a little bit of oil when i am done riding could of i overfilled the oil? I get a tiny bit of smoke on start up. OK one last question lol sorry, I had my valves adjusted when I got the bike it had the stock shims in it, now im getting a ticking noise where it sounds like my valves are could it be my cam chain?? If those are stock valve shims i can almost garentee that top end hasnt been touched. :worthy: Ne ways thanks ahead of time I look forward to expanding my knowledge here THANKS!!

bump? :worthy:

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