My Babies!!

Doesn't work :):D

Wish I had me an R1... but then I probably would not have a licence or even a life... better stick to the WR... it's enough for me...

BTW, I edited your post so the pic would work...



Thanks David, VB, matching blue bikes, what i've always wanted, some day maybee :):D

nice bikes. wish I had a R1

Thanks David, I am an idiot when it comes to attaching pics and stuff, And yes I am a very lucky man,and I have a VERY understanding wife.IN FACT, My 17 year old son just got his first street bike(an Aprilia RS50), and has a KDX220 to ride the trails. FUN FUN!!!


Quite frankly I am not sure I would let my son have a street bike... He is a bit like me... would want to take it to the limits... wheelstand from traffic light to traffic light... I would fear for his safety... it is just a recessive speed gene I think... LOL

How much trouble do you think I would get into with the new fuel injected R6...? :D:)

Stay safe, both of you...


I just sold my R1.

I have a GSXR1000 now.

Did the frame come black on the 02 R1?

David, it amazes me how much power the 600's have any more!! 107 HP at the rear wheel for the R6, and 111 for the ZX6, WOW!! My wife Pam, was a little aprehensive at first, but the kid uses his head, I am proud of him. He wants to jump on the R1, but no way!!

WR250rr, the frame comes black on the R1 for 02 and 03, I wanted a Gixxer, but couldn't get a deal, I am impressed with the R1's handling though.(after a steering damper) :)


i used to ride a dual sport and later had a 750cc street bike...i will never ride street again. people do not see bikes...i can't count how many close calls i had. i was riding with about 8 guys a few years back and this tractor trailer cut off one of the riders, a rear wheel of the trailer ran over his head.the trailer was empty and was aluminum. my buddy had on a Bell star helmet and lived.if that reefer trailer was loaded he would have been toast . he is blind in one eye and has some mild brain damage...he will never be the same...I'm 36 and wanna see my boys grow up...i will not ride the street unless it's a real quiet, back road, somehwere.


Ya, unfortunately the ONLY way to survive on a street bike is to live by the rule that you are invisible. Nobody can see you. And a green light does not mean you have the right of way.

Also you DO NOT want to cruise with traffic. You have to be

aggresive, otherwise people will tailgate you, drive in your riding space, cut you off ect... Realize that it may piss people off, but if your fast and aggresive, you will survive. I've been riding on the streets in big cities for over 20 years and have never had a street bike accident. This is what I find works best for me.

They have to see you. People may say "what a jerk" or "he won't live long riding like that", but the thing is, if they see you driving fast or crazy, you have accomplished the mission of being seen. Biggest fear is waiting at a stop light and thinking someone won't see the bike and cruise over you. I tap the brake when I'm sitting waiting for a green unless there is already a car stopped behind me.


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