FMF exhaust from Canada

I came across a good deal on an FMF 4.1 slipon for my wr450 but I'd be ordering it from Canada. It's brand new but my only concern is that it has the old style ( like from 02 and before) endcap. Is that what they still use in Canada? Is there any sound or power differences than the U.S models? Thanks for any input.

if the pipe is brand new, then yes. you will have the new endcap... we're not that far behind here in canada

Thanks jo-hn. I know Canadians don't live in the stone age, I just thought that I may have read somewhere the endcaps were changed in the first place because of a safety issue. I didn't know if the U.S and Canada necessarily follow all the same regulations.:worthy:

Is it from a reputable source ?

I ask this because good deals and Canada don't usually come in the same sentence :lol:

The Norm is our prices are 50-100% more than you would pay in the US for motorcycle parts :worthy:

check this out good price on a fmf 4, --- got lucky last Sunday on E-bay $133 for a new DR.D slip-on.

You could find a cheap 2nd hand 03 - 05 yz pipe $30-$40 and wait for a good deal on e-bay, then resell it, and then spend the savings on a exhaust cam? or other mods.:worthy:

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