Big Problem!

Thats not good damn sorry about that

A rock hit it?

casting defect???

How did that happen??? Big problem, new case at least plus what caused it.

More details please......

Thats the thing I dont know how it happened.. The bike was running fine I returned to the pickup after a 12 mile ride, and noticed oil down my swingarm etc.. The only thing that was different was the bike was not starting as well as normal.


Prob just casting defect

it does happen

what years your bike? exact same thing happened to my friends 04 WR450. it happened to his after he had kicked it over, then pressed the starter button. we think the kick-starter mechanism didn't return properly so when he pressed the E-start it blew the back of the casing out. he ended up buying a new engine..

yeah mine is an 04. Im not sure when It happened, I didnt notice anything until I got back and noticed the oil down my swing arm. How much did the new motor cost him?

that Blows!! id get in touch w/ the district service rep for yamaha in your area.. start making calls to the Big Yamaha office in the states.. i had issues where my motor was knocking and i had to take it to the corporate level b4 it got fixed (new shortblock :worthy: ). im talking about my subaru car, but i know that i'd be flippin out and calling yamaha cause it looks like something that you could not have done nor prevented, warranty or none, that shit aint right, i think they would take care of you, an engine to a manufacturer is worth many happy customers, especially since their reputation is one of bullet proof-ness and reliability... just my 2 cents

I don't think Yamaha will warranty a 5 year old bike.

I don't think Yamaha will warranty a 5 year old bike.

There's no way. Don't waste your time.

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