What Radiator Gaurds To Get?

Hey Guys,

I have a 2003 WR450F and was wondering what radiator gaurds I should get as it is my first bike. I'm looking for basically the best gaurds that are the most effective and what the cost would be. Also, are they easy to install as I am not a mechanic. Any info would help thanks.


Better yet Flatland racing. http://www.flatlandracing.com/ -They best customer service in the industry and just plain nice guys. They did me right. $74.95. Get the skidplate while you are at it. I believe $74.95. --Mike

vote for flatland, easy install, cheaper then most with this much protection, had them in 2 days, look real strong.


Do they also add strength to the rads like the works connection braces do? :)

I bought devols for my 98 WR and they have saved me a couple of times. I chose them due to recommendations on this board. One thing that confuses me is the following though. The lower mounting of the air scoops on both sides still mounts to the radiator. When you fall the scoops take the brunt of the force and that is transferred....onto the radiator instead of the gaurds. If the scoops get additional pressure they eventuall will contact the Devol guards and they then start to do their job of preventing further squishing. Anybody any comments ?

devol gets my vote

works conn's web site says the braces won't be available till april 1.

Thumper Racing gets my vote, they have stood up to many severe crashes. Where I have seen the Devols become deformed after mild crashes, and allowed the radiator to be crushed.

Thumper is a strong as it gets.

You are supposed to remove the plastic "scoops" from each radiator before you mount the radiator guard's

Bonzai :)

I have devol on my 250 and Flatlands on my 450.

The flatlands are superior.

Devols are also good. Just don't get the works connection. My first set was works and the first tree I hit they snaped like a frozen twig.

Hmm,..To each their own, so I'll throw in. I would go with flatland even though I have Work's Connection. "I" thought they were superior to Devols (bought those and took-em back) But later saw Flatlands and they look much better. Don't get me wrong, my W/C have not ever let me down. Even through some cool downhill endo's..

Thanks guys sounds like Flatland Racing is the way to go so far. Also is putting them on hard or an easy job?

I have to recommend the Flatland also. They weren't to hard to put on. The hardest part for me was getting to the bolts on the front to tighten them up. Really nothing to mention. If anything I don't like about them is the c-clip used on the bottom of rad used to attach the plastic. They don't stay put well. Also took some time trimming up rad shrouds to get them to fit properly. I've put a couple hard hits on each side since having them on. They work!

I had my dealer call Works conn. to see if the yz rad. guards fit the WR. They said YES! Take it from someone who listened, ordered and tried to install. THEY DO NOT FIT! Then they tried to tell me it was special order so they wouldn't take it back. After berating the stupid kid behind the counter they took them. Hopefully this will save someone else the hassle. Now I gotta fing something quick. Race this SAT!!!

Flatland OR ThumperRacing

Devol is what I bought. They fit good except you have to bend the bottom inside corner to keep from scraping the fender. Not a problem though.

Do your Devols mount flush to the radiator or is there a gap between the guard and radiator ?

Devol does not mount flush. There is a 3/4 inch gap between the radiator and the guard. If you purchase them specifically for the WR450, the inside tabs come pre bent to clear the fender.

I did purchase mine specifically for the WR450. They were bent but not enough, and I had to bend them about 1/4" on the inside bottom corner. I also got the Devoe frame gards. They fit great, and I really liked the painted name, to bad that comes off on the first ride.

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