What Radiator Gaurds To Get?

Thumper racing gards are Flatland gaurds ---Mike

Thumper Racing's and Flatland's braces are the same ones. I had to trim the inside of the radiator shroud a little but other than that it was very easy. They bolt to the frame at the same spots as the radiator. Make sure to use locktight on the bolts. I had two of the three fall out, which caused the brace to become ineffectual. My fault. Flatland gave me a whole set of bolts for free, even though I bought them from TR. Great Customer service. They are very sturdy, held up well against many crashes and haven't had any problems with overheating.

Dan :)

Does anyone have a pic of the aft portion of the Flatland radiator guards that they can post? Their website doesn't show the aft part very well.


I can have one Thursday afternoon if nobody else beats me to it. PM me and I can email you several high-res shots.

IceBox- Thanks for the offer, but no need to post them. AV on the 250f side posted some. Thanks.

Another vote for the flatland guards. Worst part of the install is cutting the plastic ribs inside the shrouds so they fit back on over the guards.

My vote is for Unabiker gaurds. I know you've probably never heard of'em, but a fellow TT buddy I ride with is making his own, and I hear they are pretty sweet. They look like a combination of Devol and Flatlands. The best of both worlds. He is still in the process of developing the guards for different types of bikes. I know he has'em for the DR-Z "E" and "S" model. He will be taking measurements for my WR400F this week. Do a search on the TT website for "Unabiker" and you can see some pics. Once I get them on, I will officially give you my personal opinion on how much of a beating they can take. I fall a lot. :)

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