OT Colorado Weather

I've lived in Colorado for 27 years and I've never seen wet, heavy snow like this. Last week it was 70-75 degrees the entire week.

As of this evening, I have about 20+" of snow at my house in Fort Collins. They are predicting 12-18" more tonight and 6-8" tomorrow. Some areas of the mountains near by they are predicting 5-8 FEET of snow. Anyway, I thought my riding season was almost here. Guess NOT!

Later :)

VMAX I know its a little late in coming but just think how great the riding in the mtns. will be this summer :D...and no forests closures. Be patient my brother :)

And I thought we had it bad in New England! :)

You DO have it bad in New England - all that clam chowder, yuck! :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

33 inches and counting in my backyard.....blisters on my hands from the shovel!


3+ feet of snow here in Colorado. I received my cable chain(?) for my WR450 yesterday. Iv'e got the fender clearance but I can't mount the tension straps - keeps getting wound up in the rear axle. There is is stranded snowmobile buried straight-up like an effigy in my culdesac. Thought about wading out there, jacking the front sleds, and mounting them on my front axle but my wife says that would be illegal. Instead I'm putting up the X-Mass lights again. What month is this anyway ?

I got my 2003 Ford 4X4 stuck in the street in front of my house. Thank god for the snow blower, it only took an hour to get it out. It will be sitting in the drive way for a few days and there is no way I will get my camping trailer out for the race this weekend in Texas.

'Dawg, you planning on staying home? Dillon and I are thinking

of taking the truck and motelling it...


I'm thinking of moteling it too. The plan I'm thinking of is leave Saturday morning early and miss the hare scrambles. If I can get out of my damn drive way by then!!!

Sounds like a plan. I might be able to get the MH out of the

barn by Friday. If so, you can stay with us. If not, we'll motel

it too.... either way, we'll probably leave Friday.



I'm beat. I shovelled my drive and sidewalk and a good bit of my neighbors. We got about 30" at my house and wet.

I know riding this summer here should be awesome. Wet and messy early on. :)

33 inches and counting in my backyard.....blisters on my hands from the shovel!

Trade in your WR for a snow blower and trash the shovel. :D:)

I kidded my neighbor....2002 Coleman trailer and 99 WR400 straight up for his Craftsman snowblower....he wasn't buying it.

i have an aunt who lives in Highland Ranch...she told me the reseviors(spell) are down 90 feet...you better thank god that you got that snow.

in MD we go 40 inches of real wet snow also...that was last month.i shoveled for 2 days straight. i took my wifes ttr 125 and made a towbar that attached to the rear axel..pulled the kids behind me on a sled... had a blast.


Heh my fellow Denver folks,

I'm in CA trying to get back to Denver tonight on a late evening Frontier flight. Any idea on whether DIA is open yet (or expected to be open) so I can get home and shovel my 5'+ of snow? Cant get a hold of anyone at Frontier to give me any info yet...which I'd imagine means that they still cant get to work...

Any insight might be helpful...so I can avoid sitting at LAX tonight waiting for something that wont happen...

Thanks in advance!


I think they are starting to open the airport up. From what I heard, they were going to have one runway open yesterday and more after the storm passes. We have a guy back East for work and he was supposed to fly in today. He was rescheduled for Saturday morning.

Hope this helps a little.



For most of you that don't know, we really needed this storm. From what I've heard, we got over 3" of moisture out of this snow. :)

Rockieman, I'm in H Ranch too-what A nightmare...

The snow fell from my roof and snapped our wooden fence post...all sorts of people stuck everywhere. Where the hell are the plows??????

Oh well jumping off our neighbors roof last night was kind of fun :)

Last time there was snow like that we had over 40" in the Deckers area, and more than that in Woodland Park, of course that was in 1984! Beats fires and land slides! :)

I believe they currently have one runway open which they are using for departing flights...it's my understanding that they are going to open a second one this afternoon to allow for incoming flights. I have a buddy who is supposed to fly Frontier to Omaha tonight...I was checking their website (he's w/o power) which was no help....don't know what else to tell you at this point.

Happy shoveling and good luck getting in.


Where about in HR are you? I'm at Broadway and Salford (half mile south of HR Pkwy)....only catastrophe I have had so far is a broken glass table...too much weight from the snow.


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