06 yz 450 Missing when at steady throttle? Help???

The pole is now getting re-wound and I should receive it within 7 days. ...

So hopefully this might help others fix this hard to find and hard to diagnose problem. If you read my other earlier post it explains what I had gone through to fix this hesitation.

So far, we don't even know whether it fixed yours...:smirk:

I was experiencing similar problems on my '06. Awful performance from 1/4 - 1/2 throttle (missing and coughing), but fine at full throttle. Coming out of corners was awful, trying to balance between sputtering and wheelspin+wheelies.

I tried disconnecting the TPS, but this had no effect.

I finally pulled the carb out and cleaned the bejeesus out of all of the jets I could find with some spray cleaner & high pressure air. The culprit was a clogged pilot air jet - the one that's right on the mouth of the carb. I probably mushed some dirt in there when I was pushing the airbox boot over the carb at some point in the past.

This totally solved the problem. She runs like a beast now, smooth as silk.

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