shipping exhaust from US->AUS

OK, this is kind of WR related.. :D I'm after some advice on the best/cheapest way to get a YZF exhaust (no header) to Australia. Is the best way to do it through the local post office ? Fedex ? etc ? I'm trying to keep costs to a minimum - I'm in no hurry to get the pipe so don't mind waiting a few weeks.

Any helpful ideas/tips/etc would be great! I could do it from here, but I don't have a clue on the best way to do it in the US.. thank you very muchly for your advice :)

i can speak from experience in getting stuff to the Uk. you can't beat the really slow USA post office costs. everything else is a fortune, especially the commercial business over there.

i got them to send the invoice seperate from the package. the dealer has to put the value of the goods on the package for you to be taxed as import duty. don't get greedy but just drop a few quid off the value of the goods.

at your end you'll get charged ON TOP for parcel force aussie to deliver the parcel to your door from the import warehouse and also the tax as well.



You can go to the US Postal website and figure it out if you have the weight and dimensions... The dimensions will be under the limit, so you will basically be paying by weight. Then you have the options for speed. Have a look at the International calculator and figure it out.

USPS International Postage Calculator

I have had all sorts of things sent from the US, I should stay away from eBay!, but they will be delivered to your door as part of the service. YOu 'may' be liable for some duty, but if the item is secondhand, then you should be fine. I was never charged any taxes on my Scotts Top Triple clamp, yet Snap-on airtools (not hand tools funnily enough!) seem to be taxed...

Just make sure you have the postcode (zipcode) of origin and you can figure it out. I had a Shoei helmet delivered here from the US in 6 days, for a price not much more than sea mail - and I saved over AU$400, and got a colour that they don't even bring into Australia... it can work out well...

Good luck,


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