water in the airbox

Does anyone else have this problem? I have washed my bike with a hose(no pressure washer)and have noticed water in the airbox. At the front of tthe airbox is a small clear "hose" that looks like a drain it is holding water --shouldn't this piece allow water to drain?? My old XR250 had a slit in a piece similar to this and it allowed the water to drain from the box. Should I modify this piece?

I cut a slit in mine to drain the water. Somewhere in the archives is a part number for an XR650 drain that is oneway. I wish I could find it so I could order one.

The plastic hose is a tree hugger thing. It is used to catch filter oil for disposal. Go figure, damit i knew i forgot to do something before that last ride.

Yo Bean. You're right again brother. I've cut the bottom of the hose straight across, If it leaks oil, it's only because I put too much on the filter anyway. Other than pulling the snorkel, have you made any other mods to the airbox ? I'll bet there is a carbon fiber alternative from someone this summer. Other than ripping in to it with my Dremel I'll wait it out till the aftermarket catches up.

The clear sealed off hose is there to protect your engine in the event that you submerge the bike up to the lower portion of the airbox when crossing streams or crossing a mud bog.

Cutting it or replacing it with anything else will subject you to being stopped dead in your tracks when water enters the airbox and then the carb.

You are supposed to remove it when you wash the bike so that the water will drain.

The YZ comes with a turn down spout because MX tracks don't normally have a water hazard in the middle of them.

Bonzai :)

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