wr426 problem. help!

so today i go about changing th oil in my 02 wr426. it was the first time i had changed it since i bought it on tuesday. so i followed the intructions in the service manual refilled it with oil and started it up. i let it run for a few minutes while i was outside, ran inside for a minute came out to the bike overheating and spitting coolant out of the drainage tubes under the frame!

what could i possibly have done wrong that would have cause this? what are the chances that i dont have internal damage? what to do i do now?

thanks in advance guys

Overfill? Too much oil can be bad for the bike and put undue stress on the engine, possibly making it overheat? Just a guess...

they heat up very quickly my 426 does the same if I let is set for a few minutes.

yeah i just realized im an idiot. i did some more researching i realized that i just left it idle way too long.(it was 90 degrees and humid). def gonna get some engine ice in there, and possibly do a fan set up because i do not want the bike getting that hot ever again

just sent a pm your way for the fan setup

I would be interested in seeing what you did for a fan setup.

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