Oregon Back Country ride in 2003

Any of you TTer's interested in a multiday event on the Oregon Back Country byway in 2003. I'm wiiling to do a great deal of the leg work and if there is enough interest we can make it happen.

Take a gander at www.oohva.org, then look for the back country byway.

I have ridden OR on several occasions and all I can say is the riding is awesome. I am planning on moving to the Roseburg area next spring.

Here is the Back Country Trail:


Link to pictures: Back Country Trail

Looks like quite a ride!

Excellent post Ron, you da man!!

Thanks BTW.

Is it single track or mostly fireroad? I'll take a look at the links - thanks.


Rock: :)

I gotta tell ya, for a guy who was raised riding in the SoCal desert it is a special thrill to remove fern parts from your motorcycle after riding the most beautiful trails I have ever seen. Awesome riding and even better fishing makes for a great place in my book.

This picture was taken near Deer Creek in Douglas County. No where near the trail your talking about, but if this is what the riding is like where your going then count me in.


Hey Ron in SoCal.

Do you still have that GPS track log data you posted? Could you please e-mail the data in MapSource format. I would like to check it out in more detail.

Since you're apparently a GPS geek too check this out.


Garmin GPS map hack

I am currently in the process up adding all the NFS road data from Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead into the Road and Recreation base map. I could use some help with this project.

Hey WR400Rock,

I am interested in riding Oregon. What dates are you thinking of?


Hate to disappoint you, but eastern oregon is very similar to the So Cal deserts, except for the flora and fauna. It is desert. Doubt you'd see a fern, only on the west slope of the cascades and the west side of the state. Or so I think.


Would have to be June-September, elevations of 4-6k.

Hope I haven't created a monster here, but if we could get 10+ riders I think we'd be doing great.

[ September 12, 2002, 06:43 PM: Message edited by: WR400Rock ]

Can I bring my own ferns?


Hey man, this town is only big enough for one serious GPS geek. LOL. Have you given that ride a try? And how did you get a plate on that 426?? I'm jealous.

Here is the track log (save to disk): http://www.h2ooh.com/gps/landers.mps

We should start a new thread on GPS stuff and exchange waypoints and tracks. You never know who might have tons of track logs out there.

Ron, you can only bring the ferns that grow in the Barstow rain forests. :)

Hi Ron,

My bike is walking the fine line of legality by the graces of the DMV and subject to change at anytime.

Never rode Eastern Oregon but have been on the Beach in Coos Bay many years ago.

As for the GPS stuff on TT that is strictly up the the Moderators if the want the care and feeding of another forum.

Check your PMs

Hey Rock,

Your time frame sounds good for next year. Have you ever done anything like this before? Ride logistics can be a nightmare even when everything goes OK.


Have ridden several multi day long distance rides, but have never facilitated one. But I'm up for it and willing to at least look at the logistics, within reason. This one might present some challenges. Have traveled in eastern oregon may times, and have some questions about availability of gas in the lower section.


Anything in oregon count me in, here's a local group that has links that might help. www.etra.net

Can you provide some links/pics etc of the area you're talking about? Sounds intrigueing.


I just got the last 2 map books in a set of 4 for the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route. And I am dying to ride this route. I do plan on doing some sections soon on my KTM Adventure, And from the maps it appears to 4x4 roads, some 2 track, some gravel and some single track.

If you want to see some awesome pics of the ride/terrain and a litte info check out www.cycoactive.com on this page click on the link to motorcycles on the middle right, the look to the bottom right of the mountain/bike pic for cyco ride, click on OBDR2000.

I saw this link and this is what made me buy a KTM Adventure dualsport. I have yet to ride the route, but would be interested in doing a multi day ride.

Oh by the way I have purchased many things from Cycoactive and the guys have had great service and have been helpful in answering questions too, especially GPS.

Check out the other 2 links to rides and you will see some of the insane adventures to be had in Washington.

Ok guys, count me in! I want to go there. I might want to move there as well! :)

Ron in SoCal -

Is that picture at Deer Creek located approx. 10-20 miles NE of Sonora, off hwy. 108 ?

I would be very interested in riding there. I love the trees.


Myself and possibly four or five others would be interested. We're near Portland, OR.


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