Oregon Back Country ride in 2003


Great info, thanks. Looked at the cycoactive site and read the data. Sounds like a GPS is a must. Seems odd that the mileage would be so different.

Now I'm wondering about the wisdom of riding my Berg on this, but if I have a support vehicle there shouldn't be any problems. :)

Time will tell on exactly how many riders actually show. Again there will be no permit so the numbers will have to be small and/or spread out. My experince has taught me that when the date arrives there are always fewer riders for this type of event thatn have indicated they will be there.

Keep in touch and thanks for the information!!


That picture was taken near Roseburg OR, about 20 miles towards Diamond Lake on highway 138, exit 124 or 125 going north on the 5. I have only ridden there once during the spring of 2000 when my WR was new.

Here I learned the YZ timing mod is a bad idea if you have to ride on moss-covered rocks. The locals use sheet metal screws for studs on their knobbies to help cope with the moss. Technical riding to say the least.

See the links below for more pictures of the area (sorry, no action shots). Remember, these are not pictures of the Oregon Back Country byway WR400Rock is referring to, but I would not doubt that some of the northern parts of this 700 mile long trail are somewhat similar.






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