Oil question

Ok guys, I live in tennessee where the temp is about 95 and the humidity is about 95%. I was wondering what oil I should run. I would like to run something that I can get at a local auto parts store instead of ordering it. I currently run 10w-30 and someone at the track said that probably wasn't good enough. Thanks for the help.

Look in your manual.

(no excuses: http://www.yamaha-motor-europe.com/community/service/manuals.jsp

http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0 )

In section 2 the oil grade requirements for temp range is laid out. 30 wt oils (or *w-30 multi-grades) are only recommended up to 70 ℉ outside air temps. You should be running an *w-40 at least. I generally start running *w-50's when it gets that hot or hotter.

If you order Amsoil MCF or MCV by the case, you'll have it on hand, save money over other premium M/C oils, and never have to go get it.



i live in middle tn and i run 10w30 in the cooler months and 10w40 in the summer

It gets that hot here too. Its suppose to be 97 degrees today. :worthy:

I've posted it a million times, but Shell Rotella 15W40 works perfect for me in this hot & humid climate. The temps range from 0 degrees to 100 degrees and I use it year round.

has anyone ever put yamalube 2-R in the 450. i ruined a cam chain in my bike. two things could of happined. sand could of ruined the chain (i dont see how it didnt ruin the rest of the engine) or i accidently put 2 stroke oil in my bike. or was maybe it was just a bad chain to start with. kinda off topic but this is a good place to ask. could 2-R caus a cam chain to lock up?

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