Moab this weekend!!

We're headed to Moab this weekend. We'll be leaving Salt Lake Thursday morning and heading back to Salt Lake on Saturday night. If anyone would like to hook up with us (especially you guys in CO with all the snow :)) you can reach me on my cell phone at (208) 761-5223.

The weather is looking good for Moab this weekend. Just arrived in SLC and I can't wait for tomorrow. I'll think about everyone that couldn't make it...W! :):D

There is not a cloud in the sky right now in Moab. This weekend is going to be perfect for riding down here. With all the rain we have been getting the last few days the riding in going to be amazing. Temps in the low 70's. I am trying to figure out how to blow off work right now and go riding this afternoon. I glad you guys in Colorado are getting dumped on right now because your snow is our water this summer. And we need it really bad. Everyone should come to Moab this weekend get some good riding in you may even get a tan.

Thanks for the offer. Can't make it though. We are going in three weeks. Have a Blast!!............db

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